Love Island’s Paige Thorne admits she’s been on her ‘worst behaviour’ after breaking seven months of sobriety

Paige Thorne has admitted she’s been on her “worst behaviour” after breaking her seven months of sobriety.
The Welsh reality star, who shot to fame on the 2022 series of Love Island, decided to quit drinking alcohol at the end of last year after revealing she was “struggling” behind the scenes.
But in a new TikTok video, the 26-year-old confessed she was no longer teetotal as she filmed herself drinking an alcoholic beverage at a rugby match.

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Paige told her followers: “This is a shandy. I did my like six/seven months of no alcohol didn’t I, I’ve recently been back on it, and can I tell you I’ve done my worst behaviour…”
“I was sober for a long time then I got off the bandwagon and thought ‘I can do this now, I’m qualified’.
“Ehm, I was not qualified, I am in fact the bad influence, I can not be trusted with alcohol but here I am trying again,” she admitted.
During an interview with back in January, Paige revealed why she decided to quit drinking booze.

“What made me do it was, I’m not one of those people who would have a casual glass of wine, if I’m drinking I drink to get drunk. I don’t actually enjoy the taste of alcohol so I’d only ever drink to end up in not a great way,” she told us.
“I’d never know my limit. I’d wake up the next morning, look at my phone and be like ‘Oh my god what have I done? Who have I called? Why would I do that to myself?’ I was dancing on stages, acting absolutely crazy and I just was like: ‘This is not a great look.’”
“Yes I’m down to earth and every other girl would do these things too, but for me personally I don’t want to do that to myself anymore.”
The reality star continued: “I don’t enjoy it the next morning when I see I’m acting crazy. I don’t need that energy in my life, I don’t want to wake up feeling like, ‘Oh what have I done?’ You don’t feel good after it.”
Paige Thorne | Brian McEvoy
“I’ve already noticed a huge difference. I’m a lot happier, I’m a lot more stable in myself, and I don’t wake up with anxiety from the night before.”
“I feel like I know myself more without having these blips of being completely obliterated every now and then. So I’m really excited and I’m getting loads of support online. I’m loving it, I’m really really for it.”
Paige is one of many Love Island stars rumoured to appear on the All Stars series in the New Year.
Despite being linked to rapper Formz in recent months, The Sun has claimed she’s in line for the new show.

A source told the outlet: “Paige was a brilliant Islander, feisty and fiery in all the right measure and has remained popular on the outside despite a tricky run with a few bad boys.”
“She’s a Love Island legend with tons of fans so really deserves a place in the All Stars villa – it’s a great chance for her to show the public how far she has come.”
Paige first appeared on Love Island in 2022.
The Welsh paramedic was initially coupled up with rugby star Jacques O’Neill, before he dramatically left the villa.
She then struck up a romance with bombshell Adam Collard, and the pair narrowly missed out on a place in the final.
Shortly after leaving the villa, the former couple called it quits, after a video of Adam cosying up to a mystery blonde in McDonald’s went viral.