Made In Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh opens up about struggles: ‘The past few months have been tough’

Made In Chelsea’s Millie Mackintosh has opened up about her struggles and said: “The past few months have been tough.”
The mother-of-two opened up about the “unfiltered side of life, motherhood and wellness.”
The 34-year-old shares two daughters with her fellow former MIC star husband Hugo Taylor.

Millie joined in on the new trend where you showcase the reality of your life compared to what you show on social media.
The mother-of-two said: “Social media can sometimes be fake. So here are some truths about me.”
The reality star opened up about how she often doesn’t encompass the mother she “wants to be.”

Millie continued: “I’m always so worried I’m doing this ‘mum’ thing completely wrong.”
“Sometimes I lose my patience too quickly and switch on the TV just to keep them occupied.”
“I don’t always feel like I’m being the mum I want to be,” she confessed.

The mother then shared a candid picture of her crying in the back with an inspiring message.
Millie wrote: “Treat people with kindness. Always. Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about.”
“I’ve been struggling and the past few months have been tough, but I’m out the other side now and I’m really putting the work in to feel good.”

The TV personality also confessed that she finds kids’ play areas highly over stimulating.
She admitted: “I find soft play really overstimulating. The bright lights, colours and screaming send me into a spiral so I try to avoid it but I feel bad because the girls love it.”
“I much prefer taking them to ballet or the park,” she explained.

Millie also opened up about the “negative thoughts” she has been having towards her body in recent months.
She wrote: “I’ve become more aware of the negative thoughts I have about my body. I know we’re all different and that’s what makes us all so special, but some days I get caught up in a spiral of negative thoughts and comparisons to others.”
“I’m working on it in therapy as I want to be kinder to myself and feel good again.”

Millie also added that whilst she is grateful for her work that allows her to travel, she does experience huge “mum guilt” when she leaves.
“I love that I get to travel and see new places with work but the mum guilt always creeps in.”
“When I’m working, I feel bad that I’m not at home with the girls.”

“But when I’m at home with the girls, I feel bad that I’m not working.”