Maya Jama ‘sends ITV bosses reeling’ with cryptic snap ahead of Love Island return

Maya Jama has reportedly raised eyebrows by meeting with streaming giant Netflix, ahead of Love Island’s return next month.
The TV presenter set tongues wagging this week when she posted a photo of a cup of tea in a Netflix branded mug, on what appeared to be a boardroom table.
While Maya has become the relatable darling of ITV since she took over as host of Love Island in January 2023, the snap has hinted she’s still open to offers.

A source told The Sun: “On face value, the photo was simply a cup of herbal tea resting on a boardroom table. But it was enough to send bosses at ITV reeling.
“She’s a piping-hot commodity and is justified in feeling proud of meeting with Netflix, but the message it sent was crystal clear — Maya is open to offers.”
The insider continued: “Maya is like lightning in a bottle. She is unlike anyone else on telly and it’s that which has made her indispensable to ITV as the face of Love Island.
“Since taking over from Laura Whitmore in 2023 she has boosted viewers in the 16 to 24 age group immeasurably and it’s that screen magic which makes her such an asset to ITV. And it is why Netflix wants her, too.”
Love Island host Maya Jama
“On the flipside it means she gets away with murder, and the Netflix meeting photo is just another example of that.
“The fact is ITV probably need her more than she needs them, and she knows it.”
Maya’s meeting with Netflix comes after a host of ITV stars have jumped ship and landed new jobs with the streaming giant – including Emma Willis, Holly Willoughby and most recently Amanda Holden.
The Voice’s Emma Willis is set to present the UK version of Love Is Blind on Netflix alongside her husband Matt Willis.
Emma and Matt Willis
Meanwhile, former This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby has been announced as the host of the streaming giant’s newest reality show Bear Hunt, which she will start filming in Costa Rica this month.
Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden has also landed a new dating show, Cheaters: Unfinished Business, with Netflix.
A source said: “All of them still love working for ITV and the teams built around them. ”

“But loyalty only goes so far when you’ve got the chance to share a network with megastars like the Hollywood actors who produce and star in Netflix originals.
“That’s before you even consider the fact it turns our famous faces into global names and brings a bumper payday. Netflix has very deep pockets.
“Changes in taxation also mean presenters are far better off moving around than tying themselves to one set salary.”