Mel B teases MAJOR Spice Girls project ahead of 30th anniversary

Mel B has teased an upcoming Spice Girls project ahead of the band’s 30th anniversary.
On Thursday’s upcoming episode of The Jennifer Hudson Show, the popstar teased an upcoming reunion ahead of the band’s 30th anniversary.
This comes after Victoria Beckham previously fueled reunion rumours back in July, when she shared a TikTok video of her belting out the band’s song Say You’ll Be There, during a karaoke session.
Credit: Chris Connor / WENN
In the teaser clip, the 48-year-old said: “I’m such a blabbermouth. I get told off all the time for announcing stuff that I’m not meant to announce.”
“But what I can say is we’re definitely working on something together – all five of us. And by me just saying that I’m probably going to get into trouble again.”
The singer, best known as Sporty Spice went on to discuss the girlband’s 30th anniversary and explained what this means to her.

“I was a Spice Girl at the age of 17. I’m old. I’m feeling old right now.”
“But it is amazing that we’ve managed to kind of still stay friends. It’s been 30 years. What you go through as a group… you are just welded together for life because you’ve been through such a crazy experience.”
Mel previously told Entertainment Tonight back in January 2023 that an announcement was coming.
“COVID kind of set everything back.”
“I can’t tell you exactly, but there’s gonna be something that is gonna be announced pretty soon… That’s gonna be a project that we’re very excited about, and [it’s] mainly for our fans.”