Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury ‘in shock’ after terrifying car crash

Molly-Mae Hague and Tommy Fury were left “in shock” after getting into a car crash recently.
The Love Island star described in a new video that an elderly woman “drove right into” them, colliding with their car.
The pair are still shaken up over the incident, but are fortunate that their daughter, Bambi, was not in the car with them at the time.

While thankfully no one was injured, Tommy’s £130,000 Mercedes G-Class car did get damaged – however, they decided not to pursue action with the woman.
The mother-of-one explained what happened in her latest YouTube video, telling fans: “I just drove down this little bit of road which has made me have a flashback that happened a couple of days ago.”
“It was the weirdest thing ever and we kind of experienced our first little car crash. We were completely fine but a woman drove literally straight into Tommy’s car.”

She continued: “We weren’t in my car and luckily Bambi wasn’t in the car because we were going on a date night and Zoe and Danny (Molly’s sister and her fiancé) were at the house with Bambi.”
“We had literally just left the house and this woman was pulling out a church car park and there was basically not enough room in the road for two cars and so she needed to wait until we had gone past to then pull out and instead our cars just collided and we went straight into each other.”
“Then she reversed her car back because I think she was like ‘oh my gosh I can’t believe I’ve just crashed into you’ but she reversed back and then pushed the accelerator again and went straight into us again so she went into us twice!”

Molly admitted she was concerned for the women’s safety while driving, as she described her as in her late 70s/ early 80s and claimed she seemed “confused”.
“It was the weirdest thing ever, so I immediately got out of the car and ran over to her. I actually thought she was not well or having a bit of a… I don’t know, I can’t explain it.”
She continued: “She must have been like late 70s/early 80s or something, she was really quite old and my heart just broke for her because she was in complete shock by what she had just done.”

“She was really confused and upset and I tried to comfort her but she wanted to just drive off and shut the car door and go.”
Molly ended the story: “There was some car damage but we didn’t take her details because we were too flustered and a bit in shock.
“I felt really sorry for her and I didn’t want to upset her anymore. So yeah, that was fun.”