Molly-Mae Hague reveals major disagreement with Tommy Fury after sparking split rumours

Molly-Mae Hague has revealed a major disagreement between her and Tommy Fury in her latest YouTube video.
The couple sparked split rumours last month when the influencer was spotted without her engagement ring on several occasions.
Molly was seen out-and-about without her £600k sparkler, after Tommy raised eyebrows by partying with Chris Brown in Dubai surrounded by a bevvy of women.

Since then, the mother-of-one has uploaded a new YouTube video in which she answered a series of personal questions.
During a chatty GRWM, the 24-year-old confessed she and Tommy cannot agree on the amount of kids they want.
The influencer told viewers that she’s unsure whether she wants more kids, while Tommy is certain he wants four children.

Answering a fan’s question on whether she wants more children, she said: “Honestly like the thought of having another baby, anytime soon… no.”
“But if I can be completely, completely real on here with you guys, because I like it to keep it real, have I considered having one and just being done, like you know just having Bambi, like yes, 100%.”
She spoke openly about her feelings on the topic, and said: “At a push, I think I could do it once more.”

She also addressed the media frenzy surrounding her relationship, and how she has developed a “thick skin” since coming out of Love Island.
Molly revealed the list of questions regarding Tommy and their engagement to the camera, and said she understands the interest in her relationship as she is in the “public eye”.
“I get it, people want to know, when I put that Q&A box up I should have known what everyone’s going to be asking questions about. Honestly, what do I expect,’ she continued
“My life is in the public eye… it sounds bad to say but you kind of sign up for it in this job.”

The YouTuber explained: “I feel like things people deal with in private… it is slightly tricky that obviously, things aren’t always going to be perfect and things aren’t always going to be sunshine and roses, but when they aren’t, you have millions of people giving their opinion on it and talking about it.”
“I really don’t care about what is said about me, Tommy, my relationship, I don’t care what’s said about me, it sounds really cliché, but you do really grow a massively thick skin… I’m immune to it.
“It feels like I’m reading about someone else’s life because half the time the stuff isn’t true anyway.”