More details emerge about Jack Grealish’s home invasion as girlfriend left ‘really shaken’

More details have emerged about Jack Grealish’s home invasion, which has reportedly left his girlfriend Sasha Attwood “really shaken”.
The Man City footballer had only just moved into the property a few days prior to the robbery, which took place the day after St. Stephens’ Day.
According to the Daily Mail, the burglars that were involved in the crime may have been tracking the movers in the days leading up to the heist.

A source close to the England footballer revealed to the Daily Mail that police are investigating whether the burglars were “tailing removal workers”.
The police are also suspicious that the thieves could have had “insider information” regarding the layout of the house and its contents.
The confusion comes after an unknown amount of vehicles were “coming and going for days” in the lead-up to the 28-year-old moving in.

The source said: “One theory being looked at is that removal workers were followed during the days that Jack was moving into the property,”
“There were vehicles coming and going for days on end in the run-up to Jack and his girlfriend getting the keys,”
“For burglars looking to carry out a raid, this is like red meat. Police will therefore be working backwards to see if there are any clues at all in the days leading up to the raid.”

“Another area they will look to get to the bottom of is whether the gang had any inside information,”
“These raids are carried out by serious organised crime networks, often based overseas, who have huge pools of intelligence about what players are doing and when- they pay big money for tip-offs to help carry out raids like this.”
Jack’s longterm girlfriend Sasha Attwood has reportedly been “bombarded with support” by fellow WAGs after the incident, which left her “really shaken up”.

The source added: “She’s one of the most popular WAGs on the circuit, many of the wives and girlfriends of the England players are close friends. They are all rallying round because she is really shaken up by this. It knocked her for six.”
The first WAG to get in touch with Sasha was Megan Pickford, who is the wife of Everton goalie Jordan Pickford.
Sasha was watching Jack play a match on TV downstairs with several of his family members when the burglary occurred.

The Man City player was robbed of up to £1 million worth of jewellery while he was playing against Everton.
The 10 relatives who were in the house did not realise there were intruders until dogs started barking at noises upstairs, the family then immediately hit the panic buttons.
Police feared the theft may turn into a hostage situation, and advised the footballer’s family to hide within the mansion until they arrived.

Police also warned neighbouring houses to lock their doors and stay inside until the intruders had been caught.
Although the police rushed to the scene and used a helicopter to search the surrounding area, the offenders were not caught and the £1million worth of jewellery was not returned.