New report reveals THIS Strictly Come Dancing couple are allegedly “faking romance”

A new report has revealed that Strictly Come Dancing couple, Vito Coppola and Ellie Leach are allegedly “faking” their “romance.”
The Coronation Street actress and the professional dancer are partnered together on the current season of the hit BBC dance show.
Over the past few weeks, the pair have set tongues wagging as fans have pointed out their undeniable chemistry on the dance floor.

Now, a new report from The Irish Sun has revealed that the pair have allegedly “embarked on a ‘showmance’” in hopes it will help them win the show.
A source told the publication: “Vito is an experienced pro, and knows what he’s doing.”
“He and Ellie had an instant friendship and a great connection, but it definitely wasn’t sexual.”
The insider continued: “However, once viewers picked up on their connection, Vito especially was keen to let people jump to their own conclusions.”
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“By letting people think they’re together, the hope is they’ll further endear themselves to the nation.”
“A few others on the show think it’s a bit cynical but they genuinely are having a lot of fun together,” the source added.
Fuelling rumours of a romance between them, Vito branded Ellie his “baby” on social media earlier this month.
Fans have also spotted the professional dancer often hugs and kisses the Coronation Street actress after each of their performances.
Speaking to OK! magazine recently, Ellie insisted: “It was only a kiss on the cheek. He gives me a kiss on the cheek every Saturday!”
“It was definitely on the cheek.”
“We really, really get along and we have a lovely friendship,” Ellie continued.
“I hope we can continue that.”
“We’ve got a really good relationship where we kind of know what the other needs. Vito even lets me have power naps during training.”