Paloma Faith reveals she suffered miscarriage on the set of TV show

Paloma Faith has revealed that she suffered a miscarriage on the set of a 2019 drama.
The singer and actress appeared on the How To Fail With Elizabeth Day podcast, on which she revealed she suffered a miscarriage on the set of Pennyworth.
In the show, the 42-year-old plays sociopath Bet Sykes.

She explained that while filming a fight scene, she realised she was miscarrying but insisted on carrying on with filming for fear of losing her job, she said: “I would just be going home without work and without a viable pregnancy.”
The star who shares two children with her ex-husband French artist Leyman, went on to reveal she had an ectopic pregnancy after undergoing IVF treatment.
She welcomed her first baby girl in December 2016 and her second in February 2021.
“I then had an ectopic pregnancy with the first one then my fertility starts going because I’ve had one tube damaged.”
Paloma after she gave birth to her second child
“The second time worked, so I was lucky because I actually ended up with 2 viable pregnancies quite quickly.”
Paloma then opened up about how she kept the miscarriage a secret at work: “[The miscarriage] started at work and it was a fight scene on Pennyworth. I just thought to myself, It’s gone so I might as well carry on with what I was doing. I had to go to the toilet 9 times…”
“I told them I ate something bad last night because I knew if I told them they would escort me home. I didn’t want to. I would just be going home without work and without a viable pregnancy.”

Speaking about parenting while navigating a break-up, she said: “It feels so dramatically different because you can’t do the initial bit where you’re like, I need space, I can’t see you anymore. You’re forced to do that…”
“We pretended at first, pretended to get along, pretended we weren’t both absolutely devastated and it does get confusing. It’s like a never-ending break-up…”
“I feel bad for anyone who dates me because he’s so important. He’s so wrapped up in my children that he’s almost more important than anybody else who might come along. I put him before most people because he’s the father of my kids.”