Philip Schofield set to return to broadcasting after dramatic This Morning exit

Philip Schofield is reportedly set to return to broadcasting after his dramatic This Morning exit earlier this year.
The ITV show was flung into chaos earlier this summer when Philip announced his immediate departure from This Morning, amid reports of a “feud” between himself and his former co-star and best friend Holly Willoughby.
The TV personality subsequently admitting to having an affair with a younger man, who was one of their colleagues, and immediately parted ways with both ITV and his talent agency YMU.
Philip and Holly on This Morning
The presenter has now been tipped for a job on national radio, with one of Britain’s largest commercial stations.
Recently ITV’s report had cleared bosses of a cover-up and uncovered no further damaging claims about the former host’s relationship with a young runner on the show.
Industry insiders told MailOnline that this now opens the door to the 61-year-old getting a new big-money deal to return to work next year.

A senior British broadcasting source has now told the publication: “Now that a line has been drawn in the sand by ITV over the Schofield saga, attention will move on.”
“Within a period of time there is now a place for Phillip to return, possibly not on TV yet, but there are now a myriad of opportunities for him on commercial radio where he will be offered big money to return to his first love.”
“The KC’s report gives him a fresh chance – but nobody will be surprised at all to see that ITV has found itself in the clear as it tries to save This Morning.”

ITV staff has blasted the external report into Philip’s affair with a younger colleague, labelling it as a “whitewash.”
One employee told the publication of their “sheer bewilderment” that only one junior employee was aware of the relationship.
The report found that ITV did not cover-up the relationship and that station bosses had made “considerable efforts” to discover the truth in 2019 – four years before the affair broke.

The findings did reveal that there was a culture of silence at the channel, saying that junior employees at the show fear that speaking out, will damage their careers in the industry.
One staff member told the outlet: “There’s a chasm between this report and reality. What’s clear is that ITV will need more than policies and procedures to address its culture of silence.”