Phillip Schofield ‘refused to co-operate’ with ITV inquiry into affair

Phillip Schofield is said to have “refused to co-operate” with ITV’s inquiry into his affair with a younger man.
Shortly after his exit from This Morning, the 61-year-old quit ITV all together after admitting to having an affair with a younger male colleague while he was still married to his wife Steph.
Phillip spoke about the affair in a bombshell interview with The UK Sun in June.

Today, it has been revealed that Phillip refused to take part in the ITV review.
It has also been revealed that just one person knew about the affair – and they only became aware of it in 2021.
In the report by Jane Mulcahy KC, Phillip is referred to as PS and the runner PX.
The TV personality and his former lover were supposed to be quizzed at length during the review; however, Person X also refused to co-operate along with four others.

Ms Mulcahy KC wrote: “PS ‘reluctantly decline[d]’ my invitation to participate in the Review because of the risk to his health.”
“I am informed that PS’s mental health has since deteriorated.”
It said that the runner “wanted to move on with his life and was not prepared to assist with” the review.