Sam Thompson reveals why its ‘not the time’ to start a family with girlfriend Zara McDermott

Sam Thompson revealed why now is not “the time” to start a family with girlfriend, Zara McDermott.
Zara and Sam have been dating since 2020, after previously splitting earlier that year, when the former Love Island star admitted to cheating on Sam.
The Made In Chelsea star opened up to campmate Josie Gibson, on Wednesday night’s episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!

The This Morning presenter told the 31-year-old: “You’re going to be the best dad.”
Sam replied: “Thanks, Jose. It’s kind of tough to explain this, a lot of people- you not included – a lot of guys who are like, ‘Mate, you need to have kids, you need to have kids,’ but my circumstances are different to yours.”
“My girlfriend, and I would never want to take this away from her, is doing so well. I know she doesn’t want to give that up. And she shouldn’t have to.”
He continued: “There will come a time where we’ll both be like, ‘Yeah, now’s the time’, but I just don’t think it’s now.”

Josie admitted: “I had Reg at 33 and I’m so glad I had him at that age as well. I really lived my life. I totally lived it.”
“If anything happened to me tomorrow Sam, I have had a blinder. I’ve had a real a good time. Until you feel like that, you know, hold out.”
This comes after the pair discussed Josie’s start on This Morning and Sam’s plans for the future.

The reality TV star asked the host: “When did you start doing This Morning?”
Josie said: “Five years ago. It’s such a good gig. I will say this, my career didn’t kick off until Reggie was a few months old. Everybody thinks you have a baby and your life is over. It was totally the opposite for me.”
Sam asked: “Do you have a plan?”
Josie said: “Because I’ve always wanted to work for This Morning and I’ve always wanted to be a TV presenter I feel like, in my head, I feel like I’ve sort of made it because I’ve got to where I wanted to be.”

Sam replied: “That’s what everyone looks for.”
Josie asked: “A lovely place to be. What do you want?”
Sam admitted: “I want to get to that stage, really Jose where you’re at, where you’re like, ‘Do you know what? This is me.’”
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