Sharon Osbourne reveals the ‘real’ reason behind her falling out with Simon Cowell

Sharon Osbourne has revealed the real reason behind why she fell out with Simon Cowell.
The former X-factor judge lifted the lid on their famous feud on last night’s episode of Celebrity Big Brother.
The 71-year-old admitted that Simon had prevented her from taking a huge job with The Masked Singer due to her contractual obligations on X-Factor.

Speaking to friend and former judge Louis Walsh, Sharon revealed: “That’s Simon, he cuts you off, cuts you off, cuts you off. He doesn’t know how to keep friends.”
“Why do you think I am so f****g mad with Simon because remember that year you and I were contracted to do X Factor and it was the first year of The Masked Singer in America and they asked me to do it and I said I can’t because of X Factor with Simon.”
“So then they cast it and then when Simon, well he didn’t call, but they called and said ‘No you’re not doing it [X Factor]’ I missed a huge gig. So I was furious.”

She ranted: “Do you remember everything that year in the press, they’re old, young blood. I went mad.”
“And then he called me. He was trying to sweet talk me. He would always change, change, change. You’re the one that needs changing mate.”
Poking fun at Simon’s repetitive dress sense, she quipped: “Someone who dresses the same for three decades, they don’t see that it’s not right. No one’s gonna tell him but everything, the same, the same, the same.”

Louis also admitted that he hasn’t spoke to Simon since he was on X-Factor and said: “I haven’t talked to him at all, nothing. Zero.”
Fans of the iconic duo were living for the drama and took to X to share their thoughts on the revelations.
One fan wrote: “I AM LIIIVVVIIINGGGG for this gossip between Louis Walsh and Sharon Osborn about Simon Cowell OMG.”
Another penned: “Sharon calling out Simon Cowell, Louis hating on everyone, group therapy session, orangegate, Gary’s stupid bird noises and a pending eviction – this episode is chaos.”