Sophie Habboo reveals she and husband Jamie Laing are on the hunt for their first ‘family home’

Sophie Habboo reveals she and her husband Jamie Laing are on the hunt for their first “family home.”
The hosts of the NewlyWeds podcast currently live in a central London apartment but are planning to move into a more residential area.
The Made in Chelsea couple married in May last year and catapulted their podcast when they documented their wedding plans on the show.

Sophie told the DailyMail that the couple are looking to ditch their party lifestyle in the city and settle down.
She said: “We are desperately looking to move into our family home.”
“We are on the hunt… we are looking high and looking low. We can’t find anything right now but we are actively looking, which is really exciting.”

“Jamie and I are looking everywhere, we have no set place… it’s a tough market out there,” she continued.
“We want a bit of greenery, I want it to be a bit more residential, we’re in a bit of a busy, party area right now and I want to move to where there’s greenery around me and it’s quiet and people are walking their dogs around me.”
“You do have to think about the future… I am getting very excited about it, but nothing has been found yet,” Sophie concluded.

Sophie and Jamie met while filming the E4 series Made In Chelsea but have both since left the reality show.
The 30-year-old commented on her time on the show and how she will be forever “grateful” for it but doesn’t see herself ever going back on the show.
She said: “No… I wouldn’t go back. I don’t think so.”

“It’s amazing and I loved my time on there but most of my friends have actually left. I wouldn’t have any friends on there.”
One of Sophie’s best friends Melissa Tattam has also left the reality show and currently presents the successful podcast Wednesdays We Drink Wine alongside her.
Sophie also revealed that she now has boundaries with what she shares on the podcast after she “lost herself” last year.

Sophie revealed that she felt she “spread herself too thin” when it came to organising her wedding for 210 guests in Spain last year.
The reality TV star said: ““I felt incredibly overwhelmed and once we got married, I felt that it was an amazing day, we’ve done it and we’re married now but I needed to get back to feeling like myself.”
“I was spreading myself a little bit too thin but now I have boundaries… I am lucky enough that I felt great and ready and so excited to come back.”