Spencer Matthews makes shock confession about fighting with wife Vogue Williams

Spencer Matthews has made a shock confession about fighting with his wife Vogue Williams.
The former Made in Chelsea star admitted that he thinks his wife loves to argue with him.
The 35-year-old confessed that although they fight often, he spends his time “trying to avoid” it.

On an episode of their podcast, the couple disagreed about how much they argued with each other.
The conversation began when Vogue confessed that one of her husband’s friends said the two were “like a heartbeat” when they fought.
The Irish presenter admitted: “Like you always go on about how we’re such a great couple but we actually do fight quite a lot, like particularly lately?”
Spencer replied: “No, well I spend most of my time trying to avoid that.”

Vogue continued: “So do I! Do you think I’m like a pitbull coming in looking for a fight? Do you think anybody likes fighting?”
The British reality star confessed that he “sometimes thinks” that his wife does “like” to fight with him.
The mother-of-three quickly added: “Well, I sometimes think that you create issues for us that leaves me no choice but to be annoyed with you.”
“No, I don’t think so,” argued Spencer.

“Of course you don’t. Like think of the last few fights we had, who’s fault have they been? Not mine,” Vogue continued.
“Well, they’re definitely not my fault, I don’t believe so, not according to my therapist anyways,” Spencer quipped.
“This therapist sounds like a complete wally,” the Irish 38-year-old joked.

Last week, Spencer revealed how alcohol threatened to end his relationship with Vogue.
He opened up about his struggles with alcohol, and how it could have ended his relationship with his now-wife.
Speaking on The DailyMail’s Everything I Know About Me podcast, the 35-year-old admitted: “There was a certainty that I would lose Vogue, if I carried on drinking the way I was drinking.”