Strictly Come Dancing winners Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola open up about their ‘intense chemistry’

Strictly Come Dancing winners Ellie Leach and Vito Coppola have opened up about their “intense chemistry.”
The pair walked away with the Glitterball trophy during Saturday night’s final of the beloved BBC show.
Over the past few weeks, the pair have set tongues wagging as fans have pointed out their undeniable chemistry on the dance floor.

The winners joined Josie Gibson and Craig Doyle on This Morning on Monday and addressed the recent romance rumours.
Craig asked the pair: “It’s so intense in there and you’re in that bubble training so much, how do you just suddenly stop. How do you do it?”
Ellie replied: “I don’t know how I’m going to feel. This morning I woke up and was like ‘Oh, I don’t have training anymore’.”
Vito interjected: “Don’t worry, I’m going to call you, we can make a warm up,” to which Ellie said: “I’m trying to have a break over Christmas and he’ll be ringing me, like ‘hiya, do you want to warm up now, we can do a few moves’.”

With I’m A Celebrity winner @SamThompsonUK and Strictly winners @ellieLleach and @Vito__Coppola on our #ThisMorning sofa, we find out if they got to take home their coveted trophy (or sceptre!) 🏆
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Vito said: “We’re never going to stop, we’re going to keep dancing.”
Josie then asked the pair: “I’ve got to ask because the chemistry between you is magic. We’ve seen you on that dance floor and it was so beautiful to watch.”
“Is there any romance between you guys? Is the rumours true or not?”
Ellie laughed and replied: “Honestly, we’ve just been having the most amazing time dancing and we’ve built a really strong bond and a friendship that will last forever.”
Vito chimed in and said: “We have a really beautiful bond, a good bond. When you see a person and you connect with a person straight away.”

“I’m a very first impression and when we met, we had that feeling that we knew each other for so long. I’m so so lucky to have you in my life.”

The Irish presenter said: “There’s 100 per cent romance, 100 per cent…I can see it.”
The pair quickly exclaimed: “No, no.”
The Coronation Street star then added: “We’ve been through so much together, we’ve spent everyday together for the past three months. So we’re really really lucky to have that bond that we’ve got and we’ll be friends for life.”
Ellie has become the youngest person ever to win the hit BBC show, at the age of 22.