This is what everyone is saying about the PDA awards on tonight’s Love Island: All Stars

Sunday night’s episode of Love Island: All Stars saw the islanders attend the PDA awards, where some drama unfolded.
The awards ceremony featured six categories, each with their own clips – categories included, Best All Star Comedy Moment, Most Sneaky All Star, Best All Star Rizz, Most Salty All Star, Best All Star Revelation and the All Star Special Recognition Award.
The awards caused a stir in the villa, particularly between Georgia S and Callum after she won Most Sneaky All Star.
Fans of the show have taken to X to share their thoughts on the dramatic episode, where clips of Georgia S were shown of her telling Tom that she fancied him the most, while she was also getting to known Callum.
As the Islanders watched the Most Sneaky All Star clip of Georgia S and Tom, Callum said: “Snakey behaviour. I thought you was a loyal babe? Georgia, you’ve had no respect for me since you left those Hideaway doors.”
“If you had any respect for me you wouldn’t have said those things.”

THOUGHT YOU WAS A LOYAL BABE?! Callum cracks me up😂 #LoveIsland #LoveIslandAllStars
— Joe  (@Joe_McDonald_) February 4, 2024

the producers are NOT letting georgia breatheeeee 😭 #Loveisland #LoveIslandAllStars
— h (@cfletchersbitch) February 4, 2024

THIS CALLUM VS GEORGIA SHOWDOWN is one for the ages looool 🤣😭😭💀 #Loveisland #LoveIslandAllStars
— DONT TAKE LIFE SERIOUSLY #loveisland (@imarobot___) February 4, 2024

— HiyaImAidzzs (@aidzzs) February 4, 2024

I’m loving every second #LoveIslandAllStars #Loveisland
— LucyRose (@SlinnLucy) February 4, 2024

sophie ate👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽ain’t no one gonna gaslight her!!! #Loveisland #LoveIslandAllStars #PDA
— SJ (@JSbaby152) February 4, 2024

The mess. I love it #LoveIslandAllStars
— Shazza CTID (@cavemanshariCFC) February 4, 2024

Nah I do feel sorry for G tho with that, she may be in the wrong but that’s just turned the whole villa against her #LoveIslandAllStars
— Jamie💫 (@jamielchaloner2) February 4, 2024