This is why the reunion between the Spice Girls was ‘frosty’ at Victoria Beckham’s birthday party

Geri Horner and Mel B had a frosty reunion at Victoria Beckham’s 50th birthday party, according to a new report.
The iconic girl band delighted fans on Saturday night when they got together at Oswald’s private members’ club in Mayfair to celebrate Posh Spice’s milestone birthday.
While the former bandmates seemed happier than ever in a video of them singing and dancing to their 1997 hit Stop at the party, there was a tense atmosphere between two of the girls.

According to The Sun, tensions were high between Geri, 51, and Mel, 48.
This was the first time the pair had come face-to-face since Mel claimed that Geri had lied about her real age.
A source said: “Mel tried to smooth things over with Geri at the party but it didn’t go as planned.
“She was laughing it all off but Geri didn’t seem interested in hearing what she had to say and wandered off.”

“When it came to taking their group picture, Geri kept as far away from Mel as possible which was awkward to watch.
“Geri wanted to be there to celebrate ­Victoria and have a good laugh with everyone, not talk to Mel about the embarrassing things she’s said about her.”
Insiders also noted that Geri was the first of the Spice Girls to leave the party in the early hours of Sunday morning.
Mel left at around half an hour later at 2am with her fiancé Rory McPhee.

Their frosty reunion came after Mel said she believed Geri had been lying about her age — claiming she didn’t believe her when she celebrated her 50th birthday in August 2022.
She said: “No one knows how old Geri is. No one’s seen her passport. I mean, I know we’ve travelled the world, but I still don’t know how old she is.
“She claims she had her 50th birthday, but I don’t believe her.”
Instagram / Andrew Timms
This isn’t the first time the pair have had a falling out, as Geri was previously angered over Mel’s claims they had slept together in the past.
Fuelling rumours of a feud between them, Geri doesn’t follow Mel on Instagram, but follows the rest of her former bandmates including ­Victoria, Mel C and Emma Bunton.
The Spice Girls went on a hiatus in 2000, while the band members focused on their own solo careers.
They have reunited three times since, from 2007 to 2008 for the Return Of The Spice Girls Tour, and again for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, and finally in 2019 for a Spice World Tour, this time without Victoria.