This Love Island star reveals she posed naked for Hugh Hefner during her time at the Playboy Mansion

This Love Island star has revealed she posed naked for Hugh Hefner during her time at the Playboy Mansion.
Hannah Elizabeth who was recently dumped from the Love Island: All-Stars Villa opened up about her time living in the “run-down” mansion.
At the Saving Grace Podcast live event, the 33-year-old revealed she was a Playboy bunny from the age of 18 and has no regrets about that time of her life

The model said: “I was Hugh’s naked paint model when I was there I would stand naked on the red carpet and get painted.”
“It was my dream to work on Playboy. I never slept with Hugh he was too old when I was in the mansion. The mansion was so run down.”
Hannah admitted: “When I used to speak to [Hugh] he would never understand me!”

She also revealed: “I didn’t do a sex party but I went into the grotto and saw a lot of bits going on and I thought: ‘Nah, this isn’t for me’, so I left. I did meet Snoop Dogg and some other celebs there, though.”
On All Stars, Hannah admitted to fellow Series One alum Josh Ritchie that she had gotten her “bum done.”
It is the most recent in her list of surgeries that she has undergone, from breast augmentations to lip filler.

She has hit out at those who criticise her for the procedures in the past, saying their harsh comments “stink of jealousy and bitterness.”
Taking to Instagram, she wrote: “Sick of messages from vile bitter women honestly it’s disgusting. It stinks of nothing but bitterness and jealousy.”
“Please don’t comment on what I do with MY BODY I’m a 32-year-old woman not a young child.”
“Also allow me it’s day two from surgery I clearly am not going to look well but unlike a lot of people who hide it I want to show you my journey.”
“Blows my mind how many women comment in the dms yet wouldn’t dream of coming up to me in the street to comment on my looks. Can u imagine?”
“My body my face and if I do say so myself I’ve always done things nice etc and to suit me. Can’t win.”

“On a nicer note thank you for all the LOVE my inbox is flooded with questions I will be answering for you on here over the next few days. Lots of love.”
She concluded: “P.S. if you don’t like surgery ur following the wrong girl (I’ve been like this since I was 18 my playboy days) xxxx”