Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey reveals her children still speak to their late father

Tom Parker’s wife Kelsey has revealed that her children still speak to their late father everyday.
The Wanted star sadly passed away on March 30 2022 aged 33, after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.
The singer had been married to his longtime love Kelsey since 2018, and the couple shared two young children – Aurelia, 3, and Bodhi, 2.

Speaking at the Action For Children’s Starry Night Gala at London’s Battersea Arts Centre on Thursday night, Kelsey told the MailOnline: “They speak to him every day.”
“Today my daughter said something like, ‘I see a winter. Oh daddy, do you see this?’.”
“She’ll go on to my nan’s garden, and be like ‘oh dad…’. She’ll start talking to him,” Kelsey revealed.
The mother-of-two continued: “And I’m really into it. I’ll say, ‘Talk to your dad’.”
She added: “The kids know absolutely everything about what happened. They understand what a brain tumour is.”

Kelsey then spoke about spending her second Christmas without her late husband: “We used to always go to my mum’s, but I don’t want to always do the same as what we did because it’s not the same now.”
“So this year my family are coming to me instead. Tom loved Christmas so much.”
She continued: “We’d both go shopping and decorate the tree together and he’d go extreme because he was so into this time of year.”
“And it’s kind of made me not like Christmas, even though I’m a very positive person.”