Tom Parker’s widow Kelsey reveals secret split from boyfriend: ‘It just wasn’t right’

Kelsey Parker has confirmed she secretly split from her boyfriend Sean Boggans.
The 33-year-old started dating the electrician nine months after she lost her late husband.
Her husband Tom, who was a member of the band The Wanted, sadly passed away last March aged 33 – after being diagnosed with terminal brain cancer.

The couple had been married since 2018, and shared two young children – Aurelia, 3, and Bodhi, 2.
Kelsey met her new boyfriend Sean Boggans while on holidays with her friends in Rhodes last September, eight months after Tom’s death.
The couple briefly split in March, before rekindling their romance at a friend’s wedding in London.
But on Wednesday night, Kelsey told fans she was single again after splitting from Sean for the second time.

During a Q&A on Instagram, the mother-of-two wrote: “We’re not together anymore. It’s a shame it didn’t work out as he’s a really amazing person, but it just wasn’t right.
“Hopefully one day I will find love again.”
Back in September, Kelsey spoke about her new relationship for the first time in an interview with The UK Mirror on Sunday, revealing Sean had given her a “new lease of life”.
At the time, the 33-year-old received cruel comments from online trolls about her moving on from Tom.

Hitting back at the nasty messages, Kelsey shared a photo of her and Tom on Instagram and wrote: “For anyone who thinks my new relationship is anyway a reflection of how I felt about Tom after reading today’s paper, pls know that is not the case.”
Kelsey then shared a snap of her and Sean, and wrote: “Tom will always be the love of my life and if I could I’d choose him and the life we were building together. But someone somewhere had other plans and I just need to get through the long days.”
“Sean is a wonderful man who has so far proved to be kind, caring, supportive, patient, understanding. He is wonderful company and he makes me laugh when I’d otherwise be sad.”
“He makes me feel warm when I’d otherwise be cold and he is helping me with the kids at times when I’d otherwise be alone.”

Kelsey went on to say: “I don’t know why people find our relationship hard to understand. I want to be alone and I’ve found someone who is fun to be around so I want to be around them.”
In another post, she wrote: “I’ve been incredibly unlucky to lose Tom but I’ve had a lifetime of blessings in meeting him. Our relationship, our marriage, the life we built together, our beautiful babies.”
“New things are happening and while I mourn what I’ve lost, I’m looking ahead. Life is magical, hard, complicated. If my story reminds you to be grateful for exactly what is in front of you right now then that in itself is a blessing.”
“Tell your partner you love them (even if they annoyed you today). Take an extra moment to hold your kids tight. Tell your girlfriends you admire them and your mum you love them and still need them. We get one life. Live it, feel it, love it,” Kelsey added.