Top 3 Crypto Charting Software Tools & Apps in 2023

With the rise of digital currency trading, having trustworthy charting tools is essential for examining market information and finding chances to exchange. Before starting to trade your crypto it’s essential to know the software tools and features. This decides whether an application is better intended for novices or experienced traders.

It will also aid in making informed trading decisions related to crypto buy and sell signals. Continuing exploring the article to know more about the best trading platforms.

Top Crypto Trading Apps With Charting Software Tools

Knowing about the various crypto charting software tools and apps will allow you to make calculated predictions. These apps offer charting options for traders to enhance their trading experience.

1. Bidsbee


Bidsbee is a platform designed for beginners who are interested in trading and charting. It offers a user interface that allows those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency to easily track prices view charts and make trades.

Some of its features include charts, the ability to draw trendlines and add indicators a built-in decentralized exchange for swapping between different cryptocurrencies, as well as helpful learning resources for beginners.

Being a web-based application Bidsbee can be conveniently accessed from any device. Its focus on simplicity aims to make analysis and trading more accessible to users.

2. TradingView


TradingView is a platform specifically designed for crypto traders. It provides charting capabilities along with a range of trading tools. Users can create charts that can be customized with indicators, overlays, and drawing tools for in-depth technical analysis.

TradingView also integrates with exchanges to facilitate trade execution. Additionally, the platform has a community of traders who share resources and trade ideas within the platform itself. While newer traders may find TradingView overwhelming due to its features it remains a choice for experienced crypto traders due to its diverse functionalities and thriving community.

3. Coinigy


Coinigy is a platform that offers experienced traders a wide range of powerful tools, for charting and trading on multiple exchanges. With Coinigy users can analyze charts using indicators and add-ons, test trading strategies, and execute trades across more than 45 exchanges, all within a single interface.

Additionally, Coinigy allows traders to follow signal providers or share their trading signals fostering a sense of community. While it may seem complex for traders Coinigy simplifies the process for investors by reducing the need to switch between different tasks.

It provides charts that enable trading without leaving the platform and even offers programming tools for automating trades. All Coinigy stands out as an excellent choice for advanced crypto traders seeking top-notch charting capabilities.

The Bottom-line

The world of crypto charting software provides options for traders with varying levels of experience. While user-friendly tools such as Bidsbee and Cryptowatch prioritize ease of use whereas platforms like Coinigy and TradingView offer features for analysis.

When selecting a charting application it’s crucial to match the tools’ capabilities with your trading proficiency whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or expert trader. Opting for the software will provide insights, into buying and selling signals allowing you to effectively time your crypto trades.