TOWIE star Lauren Goodger opens up about tragic loss of her second daughter

TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has opened up about the tragic loss of her second daughter.
The 37-year-old shares one daughter LaRose with ex-boyfriend Charles Drury.
The former couple’s second daughter Lorena was born with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck and tragically lost her life as a result.

Reflecting on the tragedy, Lauren said: “Losing my second daughter, the break up, everything that went on around that time, I just went into my own bubble of being a mum. It was Larose that kept me going.”
“You’ll never get over it. You never move on. But you learn to live and heal. I do want to help other people get through it because I can’t.”
“I can’t explain. You would never be able to tell someone the feeling of losing your own child, no one should ever experience that.”

“It changes you as a person because it’s something missing. It’s a heartache feeling every day.”
Lauren confessed the toll it took on her mental health: “You just don’t want to be here anymore.”
“The only thing that kept me going was being a mum to Larose and that’s why I’m strong and I can put on a brave face.”
Lauren, Charles and their baby girl Larose
“It’s about having good people around you and Larose is mine. She’s the closest person to me, and that’s why I’m so… I double love her. I double protect her.”
On the day of their daughter’s funeral in August 2022, Charles was accused of attacking Lauren.
He was charged with assault and engaging in controlling or coercive behaviour towards his ex, two charges he denied.
Lauren and Charles
The case was dropped earlier this year after Lauren withdrew charges.
The TV personality also spoke about co-parenting with her ex: “It has not been easy, but we’re at a place at the minute where it is running smoothly. Charles sees Larose very regularly.”
Lauren confessed: “I would like another child but I’m not looking for a man and all that right now.”
“I’ve got a lot of work to do myself. I’ve just come back to the show, working again with TOWIE, so it’s baby steps.”
“I would probably have more children but I can’t think of anything worse then being in a relationship right now!”