Victoria Beckham pokes fun at viral clip of her in Netflix documentary in the BEST way

Victoria Beckham has poked fun at THAT viral clip of her in her husband David Beckham’s Netflix documentary in the best way.
In the series, titled Beckham, David hilariously intervened after Victoria tried to claim they were both from “working class” families.
The former footballer told his wife to stop “lying”, before he forced her to admit her dad used to bring her to school in a Rolls-Royce.

Hahahaha David Beckham wasn’t having Victoria as coming from a working class family.
— AFC GLEN (@AFC_GLEN) October 4, 2023

A clip of the scene quickly went viral, and now Victoria has decided to capitalise on the hilarious moment.
Taking to social media today, the fashion designer announced she was releasing a slogan t-shirt that reads: “My dad had a Rolls-Royce.”
The t-shirts don’t come cheap though, as they’ll set you back a whopping €130 on her website.

The Beckham documentary hit Netflix last month, and received rave reviews.
Directed by Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens, the series follows Beckham’s meteoric rise from humble working-class beginnings to global football stardom.
The four-part series features a mix of never-before-seen personal archive footage from the last 40 years, candid current-day moments, and interviews with those closest to David.

A synopsis for the documentary reads: “Every goal he scores is an absolute beauty. No one can do it like he does. Meet the person behind the persona in this intimate David Beckham biopic.”
While the series largely focuses on David’s footballing career, it also delves into his relationship with his wife of 24 years, Victoria Beckham.