Victoria Beckham receives ‘best gift’ ever from thoughtful husband David Beckham

Victoria Beckham received a thoughtful gift of a £300 mobility scooter from her husband David to help heal her broken foot.
The former footballer, 48, gifted his wife the ‘knee walker’ to help her get around after she broke her foot in February.
The fashion designer, 49, took to Instagram to share a photo of her posing with the gift and said: “The best gift my husband ever bought me!!!”

The former Spice Girl suffered a “clean break” in her foot after falling over in the gym earlier this year, and has been in a boot since.
She shared a video of David setting up the scooter and explained that it is to help her keep off her foot as it heals.
She said: “Okay so David bought me a bike to try and help keep my foot, which is taking a long time to heal. So he bought me this little bike and he is putting a little basket on the front.”
“It’s called a KneeRover and it its to help me keep my foot off the floor.”

Victoria added: “We’ve got a bell to hear me coming around the corner ’cause I can pick up quite the speed, can’t I darling?”
“A bell for a belle,” her husband replied.
In another video, David joked about the “tricks” she could do on the scooter: “You could do a wheelie, you could do a bunny hop.”

The mother-of-four gushed over her new gift, showing it off in the next snap with a photo of it parked beside her on the couch.
She expressed: “The accessories r endless!!! Think of how much wine I can fit in his basket!!” – showing the basket, bell and drink holder David added.
Victoria went on to compare herself to a character from the TV show Benidorm, Madge, who is known for using a mobility scooter.
She captioned the side-by-side pic: “See u by the pool Madge!”