Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews move into new Dublin pad after selling their London home for £6m

Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews have moved into their new home in Dublin, after selling their London residence for £6m.
In photos published in the Daily Mail, the couple can be seen moving furniture into their new Dublin property.
It comes after Vogue and Spencer also sold their previous Dublin home, which was located in the same area as their new property, for £1.1m.

The couple, who share three children – Theodore, five, Gigi, three, and baby Otto, 19 months – appear to have permanently relocated to their new Dublin home ahead of Christmas.
It’s unknown how much they shelled out for their new house, but regardless of the price, the pair will be making savings as they won’t have to continue paying the £25k a year service charge that was mandatory for their London residence.
Vogue and Spencer are clearly thrilled about their new move as Spencer recently posted an ode to Howth on his Instagram, and Vogue has been sharing the gorgeous interiors planned for the house.

Spencer’s ode to Howth read: “In the emerald isle’s embrace, I found a place so fine,Where rolling hills meet crashing waves, a charm that’s so divine.
“Howth, dear Howth, the coastal gem, where love took hold in me,And every whisper of the wind, whispered of serenity.”
“At dawn, I strolled along the cliffs, with mist upon my face,A symphony of seagulls sang, complementing nature’s grace,” he added.

“The lighthouse stood, a steadfast friend, guiding ships through the night,And in its gentle guiding light, my heart soared to new heights.”
“So here’s to falling in love, with a place so sweet and true,Where happiness fills every corner, and joy is found anew.”
“Howth, my darling Howth, forever in my heart you’ll stay,As I recall our love story, and treasure it every day,” Spencer concluded.

Spencer has had a 180 change in his attitude towards Ireland, as he used to poke fun at his wife Vogue’s outpouring of love for Howth on social media.
Meanwhile, Vogue has been gushing over her new home by sharing glimpses of the interiors on her Instagram Stories.
The rooms are very modern, and feature LED lighting with marble accents and predominantly white decor.

Spencer has been married to Irish presenter Vogue Williams since 2018.
the couple tied the knot at his family’s estate in the Scottish Highlands, months before they welcomed their first child Theodore.
Months later, the former Made In Chelsea star quit drinking for good, shortly before their son Theodore was born.
Spencer confessed: “Typically, in my life, I have been a selfish individual and I feel less selfish with her, particularly now that we have children. I try my best to put the kids first.”

Spencer and Vogue are both self-proclaimed “workaholics” and both have their own successful businesses.
Vogue is the owner of self tan brand, Bare by Vogue, and Spencer is the owner of CleanCo, a clean liquor brand.
Spencer launched his brand in 2019 after experiencing the gap in the market for non-alcoholic liquor upon becoming sober.