Wes Nelson reveals ‘massive’ present Craig David bought him for his 26th birthday

Wes Nelson has revealed the “massive” present Craig David bought him for his 26th birthday.
The pair formed a close friendship after collaborating on their Number one single Abracadabra.
The former Love Islander shared the thoughtful gift that the 7 Days singer gifted him to mark his special day.

Wes revealed to the Daily Mail that the duo recently visited The Harry Potter Studios together and this was where the gift was purchased.
He said: “Craig actually gave me a birthday present a couple days ago.”
“He sent me this massive Harry Potter figurine because I have these figurines around my house.”

“It’s a bit childish really, but we went to Harry Potter World together and then he bought me a Harry Potter figurine after. It’s really sick.”
“He’s just one of the nicest blokes. It’s been really exciting the whole time and not felt like a release.”
“We’ve sort of blossomed a friendship and I’m sure we’ve got a whole bunch of more work coming as well,” he revealed.

It comes after Wes reentered the Love Island villa in February to debut his new track Abracadabra with Craig to the All-Star contestants.
The 26-year-old first found fame on the 2018 series of the show and has previously admitted that he has found it “tough” to shake his reality TV past.
He confessed: “It’s not easy, but at the same time, it’s nothing that I can control. I think if you are putting good music out and you get the response and get the numbers, that’s what people sort of accept as your career path.”

“I think you can’t really shout it from the rooftops, ‘oh I’m an artist now’ You have to prove it.”
“We have done that now, and obviously with my tour, and people are really turning up and really streaming music day after day. So it’s been tough in a sense,” he concluded.